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Taxation Law

Tax Law is the set of legal rules and principles that define the tax treatment of the citizens of a State, while defining the powers of the State and the process, both in regards to the collection and the imposition of taxes. Moreover, tax law includes the provisions defining the legal framework to address and combat tax evasion.


The tax law can be characterized as an enforcement law, while included in Public Law, as it relates to the managerial decisions of the State, but it can also be approached independently, due to the volume of operations and its association with the Civil Law.

Our Lawyers have relevant experience and can advise on a number of issues related, but not limited to:


  • Tax advice for individuals and legal entities


  • Administrative Appeal against financial acts issued by Public Authorities


  • Representation before Tax Authorities for a number of issues


  • Issues relating to Double Taxation and measures to avoid it


  • Issues regarding the VAT


  • Issues relating to the taxation of property owned or leased in Greece

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