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Social Security Law

The law of social security in Greece is based on Article 22 par. 4 of the Constitution, which explicitly states that the State must ensure the social security of its citizens. Therefore, on the one hand, the law defines the obligation of the State to insure their citizens and, on the other hand, the obligation of the citizens to contribute.


In Greece, today, the social security sector is the subject of ongoing reforms to a degree where the obligation to contribute and the insurance conditions are not clear to the person concerned. In this way, the contribution of a lawyer, who has specialized knowledge and a clear picture of the various changes that have taken place, is deemed mandatory, to be able to provide expert advice as appropriate. 

Legality lawyers can provide counselling in matters relating to:


  • The retirement conditions, depending on the circumstances of the individual concerned.


  • The supervision of the retirement application process from the submission of the application until the issuance of the retirement decision by the respective insurance fund.


  • Assistance at any stage of the administrative procedure for the settlement of insurance- pension issues.


  • Advisory role to businesses on managing the social security issues. 

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