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Real Estate Law

Property Law is not limited to the provision of legal services at the time of signing the property ownership contracts, such as sale and purchase contracts, donations, parental benefit etc., but rather, it is expanded at the land disputes and differences arising between neighbors, both in urban and rural areas.

The rental of such property is needed in order to cover housing needs, whether it is personal or for a business, and relevant legal cover is deemed necessary.  

The Land Registry is developing; however, mistakes are a common occurrence.

Legal Actions included in the Real Estate Law:

  • Title Verifications at the Land Registry

  • Contract Assessment

  • Client Representation in the signing of Contracts

  • Submission of D1 and D2 statements to the Land Registry.

  • Appeals, Error Applications and Correction of the clients Documentation, before its submission to the Land Registry.

  • “Unknown Owner” recognition.

  • Lawsuits against Land Registration

  • Estate Distribution Lawsuits

  • Interim Measures relating to Property Law Issues.

  • Neighboring Law lawsuits

  • Lease Lawsuits

  • Rent Claims

  • Lease Termination and Eviction Order.

  • Appeals against Forest Maps.

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