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Finance & Banking Law

The Banking & Financial sectors are heavily monitored and regulated by law, both domestic and European. These regulations govern the banking system in all its aspects, either it be loans, securities, investments etc., but they also affect non-banking entities, from corporations and startups to the end consumer getting a mortgage.


Attorneys who practice in this area, would handle cases ranging from consumer disputes against a financial institution to advising companies and banks in ensuring compliance with relevant legislation. In addition, the global financial crisis, has left a high share of non- performing loans on a global scale, deeming the use of a lawyer obligatory for many business and individuals.


In Greece, the banking system is constantly changing, with merging banking institutions and capital controls in place, which adds an extra layer of complexity in most matters. Moreover, due to the recent financial crisis, the banking institutions are under tighter monitoring and stricter regulations are put in place, thus making it more complex to achieve compliance. 

Our attorneys have relevant experience and can advise with:


  • Matters arising from lending, whether it be unsecured, secured, bi- lateral.


  • Asset Securitization


  • Issues arising from private banking, credit cards, residential loans etc.


  • Issues arising from natural persons’ insolvency, whether it is from the insolvent’s side or the financial institution’s.


  • Issues arising from all aspects of leasing.


  • Financing and Refinancing for companies and corporations.


  • Debt restructurings


  • Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees. 

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Relevant News

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