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Employment Law

Employment Law is the set of laws and regulations that govern the relationship between the employing entity, the employee, trade unions and sometimes the Government. It covers a range of issues from standard pay and working hours to employment terms and dismissal.


In Greece, this area of law has been subject of frequent change, especially in the last few years, mainly because of the financial crisis and the increased EU intervention. As a result, this area of law is becoming increasingly complex, deeming the consultation of a lawyer a necessity for any local or foreign entity making business in Greece.  

Our attorneys have experience in matters including and not limited to:


  • Wrongful termination,


  • Redundancy programs,


  • Discrimination,


  • Claiming for damages and defending such claims,


  • Issues arising from Terms and Conditions of Employment,


  • Collective employment agreements,


  • Employment policies,


  • Compensation Structures,


  • Temporary Agency Work,


  • Model Employment Contracts and Service Agreements.

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