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Administrative Law

Administrative Law is the body of law governing the organization and functioning of the administration (State) and its relation with both individuals and other state instruments. Perhaps, in a more simplified manner, we can say that it is the law that regulates the relations between the State and its citizens.

The Administrative Law is part of Public Law and is closely connected with Constitutional Law.

As part of exercising public authority, the administration publishes Acts, some of them onerous for the citizens. Against these Acts, a citizen may apply for their administrative revocation or their annulment before the Courts of Law.

Our specialized experience covers a wide range of administrative law, including, but not limited to:

  • Acts of Ministries and other governmental bodies.

  • Actos of Local Authorities, Municipalities, Regions and their Legal Entities.

  • Transactions made by State Corporations.

  • Acts by Social Security bodies: IKA, OAEE, EBRD, OAED & pension awards.

  • K.E.D.E. execution acts.

  • Acts by independent authorities.

  • City and Forest Planning Acts.

  • Expropriations.

  • Regulatory Acts.

  • Civil Service Law Acts, personnel earnings, transfers, assignments, judgments, disciplinary orders and appeals.

  • Educational Personnel Acts.

  • Security Personnel Acts.

  • Acts affecting disabled citizens, war victims etc.

  • Damages and Claims relating to the State. 

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